Business Summary

Lipella is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of lipid-based therapies for common bladder syndromes including interstitial cystitis (IC), refractory overactive bladder (OAB), and hemorrhagic cystitis (HC). 

Mechanism of Action

Lipella products consist of liposome formulations of large multilamellar liposomes made from sphingomyelin lipids which bind to sphingomyelin in the bladder wall, forming a lipid barrier. This protective coating promotes healing and prevents further damage to the bladder wall from urinary toxins.

Traditional liposomal drug delivery
Lipella drug delivery
Our products are delivered directly to the bladder, thereby reducing the risk of systemic side-effects. In multiple clinical trials our flagship product, LP-08, has proven safe and effective treatment for ulcerative IC—reducing clinical symptoms with no adverse effects. These studies represent a breakthrough for long-suffering IC patients for whom traditional therapies are ineffective or intolerable. LP-09, has shown similar results in patients with overactive bladder syndrome. What's more, Lipella products can be administered by nursing staff in a doctor's office and are covered by existing CPT codes.


LP-08 has significantly reduced bladder inflammation in animal models, and shown efficacy in multiple clinical studies with no unexpected adverse events.
LP-09 has shown efficacy in clinical trials, and has been out-licensed to a partner responsible for clinical development and milestone payments.
LP-10 has shown efficacy in an animal model, and has received orphan designation from the US FDA.


Jon Kaufman, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Chancellor, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dave McClellan

Senior Advisor